Slow PC Support

Over the course of time as your computer grows old it accumulates lots of junk in it and its performance deteriorates. Not just junk files but every computer becomes home to many unwanted applications which make the performance poor. If proper care is not taken then it becomes really difficult to work upon the computer as it starts crashing, opens very slowly, files and applications take a long time to open, websites doesn’t come up quickly. Sometimes websites even get directed to some other sites. At Max PC Experts, We help you to optimize the speed and performance of your computer and can troubleshoot them in no time. Our team of certified experts helps you enhance the performance of your computer by removing any kind of infection, spyware, cleaning the junk files and by making required updates.

We can help you:

  • Viruses & spywares removal, Trojan and other malicious threats
  • PC performance boost by removing junk and temporary files
  • Slow startup enhancement or boot issues
  • Configuring the security software settings installed on your PC
  • Clearing up the disk drive, and freeing up hard disk space
  • Deletion of temporary internet files and cookies
  • Ending useless computer services that run every time PC starts

If your computer is on the blink, just give us a call on our 9AM TO 5PM EST helpline: 1-866-520-9436


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